Parish Council Meeting Agenda


Clerk to Parish Council:
Melsonby Parish Council c/o 14 Twinsburn Road, Heighington DL5 6RL

Public Notice Under Schedule 12, Local Government Act 1972


To be held on Tuesday 14th March 2023 at 7.30pm PLEASE NOTE – NEW DATE
In the St James Church, Melsonby

Dear Councillors: Gordon Angus (GA) (Chair); Vince Elrington (VE) (Vice Chair); Bill Nixon (BN);
Terry Sutton (TS); Judith Stansfield (JS); Brian Bottle (BB); Tanya Henderson (TH). You are
summoned to attend the above meeting for the purpose of transacting the following business:
From: Jenny Pears (Clerk)

  1. Apologies
  2. Declarations of interest
    Councillors are invited to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests in matters appearing on
    the agenda and the nature of their interest.
  3. Minutes of last meeting
    Chair to approve and sign minutes of the last meeting held on 18th January 2023.
  4. Police Report
  5. Progress Update
    a. NYCC updates from County and District Councillors
    b. NRCP – update from TS
    c. Community Speed watch and VAS update
    d. 35 Church Row, public footpath – update
    e. Melsonby closed church yard and upkeep of the burial ground/yard
    f. St James Close remedial work – Highways informed
    g. Wall along East Road – Highways informed
    h. Benches in the village
    i. Bus stop repairs – update
    j. Flooding on Moor Road – update from AT
    k. Redundant street light on East Road
    l. Burial ground wall owned by a resident
    m. Archived documentation/paperwork
    n. Village hedges
  6. Matters Arising (Received since the last meeting)
    a. Latest play park inspection
    b. Highway Maintenance Asset – Urban Highways reimbursement
    c. Village litter pick to be arranged
    d. Parish Charter – YLCA consultation
    e. Heavy lorries travelling through the village
    f. Annual governance and accountability return 23/24
    g. Breached wall in RDC burial ground
    h. Tree branches caught in over head wires
    i. Leaf sludge – email received JS
    j. Barclays bank
    k. Snowdrop bulbs
    l. Richmondshire rotary best kept village 2023
    m. Kings’ coronation funding

14 Twinsburn Road, Heighington, Co.Durham DL5 6RL
Tel: 07585 837716, email:

  1. Finance
    Clerk to provide budget report up to 24 February 2023. see Appendix – emailed to Councillors prior to
  2. Planning Applications
    See Appendix for details.
  3. Correspondence
    Correspondence received and dealt with by Clerk since last meeting in January. See Appendix for
  4. Any Other Business
  5. Public participation
    Opportunity for residents to bring matters to the attention of the Parish Council.
  6. Items for future agenda
    Opportunity for Councillors to bring up items to be included in next meeting’s Agenda.
  7. Date of next meeting
    Wednesday 24th May 2023 at 7.00pm
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