The Federation of North & South Cowton Community Primary School and Melsonby Methodist Primary School

Dear Parents, Carers and Members of Staff

The Governing Bodies of the two schools met together and separately on 4th March 2019 to decide whether or not to proceed with the Federation.

Many thanks for your supportive responses to the consultations. These were considered by both Governing Bodies, independently and jointly, to assess the benefits offered and challenges presented by Federation. They took into account the experience of collaboration between the two schools since September 2017 to come to a decision about whether the Federation was right for their school.

The Governing Bodies both unanimously decided in favour of the Federation. The Federation will therefore now go ahead and, from 20th May 2019, the two schools will have a single Governing Body the constitution of which will be as previously advised. The first meeting of this Governing Body will be held on 20th May.

The Federation will be formally known as

The Federation of North & South Cowton Community Primary School and Melsonby Methodist Primary School.

Both of the current Governing Bodies will be dissolved on 20th May. Elections for Parent and Staff Governors for the new Federation Governing Body will be held shortly and details of this process will follow in due course.

Both Governing Bodies agreed that the collaboration between the schools had offered real benefits, including joint events much enjoyed by the children from both schools, enhancing their education and enabling teaching staff to work together and learn from each other. This exciting and valuable collaborative mission will be a significant feature of the future development of our two schools.

Very many thanks for your support and efforts over the last year.

Katharine Millar                                          Stuart Priestley

Chair of Governors                                      Chair of Governors

Melsonby Methodist Primary School       North and South Cowton CP School

Agreement to Federate Letter 11 March 19