Gilbert Hird’s Memories

Gilbert Hird lived in Melsonby from 1922 -2014, except for his time in the Navy during World War II.

Over the years he wrote regular stories for the Melsonby Village News and these were later repeated in the PARISH.  His son, Brian Hird requested that they be made available on this website, so that they may be read by anyone interested in local history.

This version can be read on the web: gilberts book webversion

This can be printed out as a book: gilberts book


Unfortunately the image of the old petrol pump at the Crossroads on p54 is distorted and should really look like this:oldpetrolpump

1 Response to Gilbert Hird’s Memories

  1. It was wonderful to log to my late uncle Gill,s web site it brings back memories of my childhood .I came to the village every year with Mom and Dad, Mom was Gills sister. Me and my sister Judith went to the school in the village when Mom was ill Gran look after us .

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