Melsonby in the 1939 Register of Citizens

Ian Simpson, with invaluable help from Brian Hird, Ian Black,  Jean Simpson and Judith Stansfield has downloaded and tabulated all the details for Melsonby.  He has produced a table for residents by their dwellings and another in alphabetical order of surnames. Below are links to the two files and some introductory notes.

He will be pleased to deal with any enquiries passed to him from anyone researching Melsonby residents.

Melsonby by surname the-1939-register_surname

Melsonby by residence the-1939_register_houses

In September 1939, within four weeks of War being declared, the Government started to compile a Register of UK citizens showing their residences, Dates of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Occupation and specific Wartime roles.  This massive undertaking was designed to facilitate the immediate issue of Identity Cards, lay plans for Food Rationing as well as to provide a basis for Evacuation where required.

The Register remained in force with updates such as change of name on marriage and newborn children being entered but, though dormant since 1991, has only recently been released .

Individuals believed to be still living in 1991 have been blacked out to preserve confidentiality, an exception being those aged over 100 years at that point.

We now have a Transcript of the 13 pages completed for Melsonby enabling  enquiries to be made on two Spreadsheets: (i)  of the whole village, house-by-house or (ii) by surname.  The original handwritten pages can be viewed by searching on Findmypast but a subscription is necessary to move past their index pages before opening the whole household : happily, both of our neighbouring County Libraries (North Yorkshire and County Durham) have already subscribed, allowing readers to search as guests, with the added advantage of access to the whole of England and Wales.