Melsonby WI

Melsonby has a small but active Women’s Institute, which meets on the first Tuesday of every month, at 7.00pm in Melsonby Methodist Primary School or Aldbrough St John Village Hall.

New members of all ages are always welcome and you can come as a visitor for £2.00 to see if you like it, or are interested in a particular topic!

Each month there is a talk and a competition, a practical workshop, or a visit.

As a member you can take part in County Federation courses and lectures with other WIs.

For further information and to find out the venue for each meeting, please contact:

Judith Stansfield(Sec) 01325 718 139 or

IMG-20150604-00193.jpg      IMG-20150604-00187.jpg

In June 2015, our members took part in the Centenary AGM streamed live from the Albert Hall to the Station Cinema and then enjoyed our centenary cupcake.

In 2018 we created a groundsheet covered with poppies for the memorial sessions of the WW1 Centenary


We always welcome  new members, of any age. Come and try one meeting !

This is the 2019 programme:


January 8th Social evening: my favourite poem at Spencer House

January 15th Crafty session: macramé

February 5th  Eleanor of Aquitaine Margaret Merrall & Jan Bell at Melsonby School

February 19th    Crafty session: encaustic art 

 March 5th   Brooch-making Workshop   Sarah Benson at Melsonby School                                                                                                                              

March 19th     Crafty session: chocolate work                                                                             

April 2nd Cooking with herbs Christine Turner at Melsonby School

April 16th  Crafty session: lavender /herb bags                                                                       

May 7th Waterways  Richard Willis  at Melsonby School                                                        

May 21st Crafty session: paper sculpture                                                                                     

June  25th BBQ  at LLamedos Scot’s Dyke

June 18th  Crafty session: dolls house furniture                                                                 

July 2nd Musical Quiz Lesley Eldridge at Melsonby School

July 16th Crafty session: percussion instruments                                                       

 August 6th Canal Cruise at Ripon Canal

August 29th  Crafty session: miniature garden                                                      

September 3rd Mummy where’s Daddy?  Chris Foote-Wood at Melsonby School

September 17th  Crafty session: patchwork                                                               

October 1st Help for Heroes Mark Airey at Melsonby School

October 15th Crafty session: paper boxes                                                                 

November 5th AGM at Melsonby School

November 19th  Crafty session: Christmas decorations                                   

December 6th  Christmas Dinner

Contact details:

Secretary: Judith Stansfield (01325 718139)



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