What happens when the lights go out?

What can YOU do?

Who is at risk?

  • Older people, especially those who are not very fit
  • Babies and very young children
  • People who are sick
  • People who live alone

What are the risks?

  • Hypothermia
  • Not eating/ drinking properly
  • Accident
  • Falling 
  • Taken ill and not being able to use phone

 To anticipate problems

 Organise emergency equipment:

  • Old fashioned telephone –  mobile phones and cordless phones are not reliable when there is no power
  •  Supply of candles and matches
  • Good torch and supply of batteries
  • Camping gaz or parafin lantern
  • Camping gaz burner for cooking and spare gaz canister
  • Alternative source of heat- gas heater / sleeping bag / extra blankets / warm clothing
  • Battery or wind-up radio to keep in touch with the outside world

 To help your neighbour

  • Make contact to see they are OK
  • Light a fire if materials available
  • Provide thermos of hot water
  • Provide soup /hot food if necessary
  • Make sure they have enough blankets/sleeping bag
  • Keep them updated on progress if they have no phone contact

 What can Parish Council do?

  •  Provide village contact for information/progress updates
  •  Post regular information on Notice Board
  •  Arrange a hotwater point in School  or Church
  • Arrange warm refuge in the School or Church

Who can you contact?

Parish Council contact  01325 718 

Social Services – 01904   762 314

Police  0845 60 60 24  7

Local Radio

Alpha      01325 25 55 52

Radio Cleveland  01325 350 127

TFM    01642 888 222

 Radio York    01904 641351 

NEDL (Electric Supply)

0800 66 88 77

Yorkshire Water

0845  1 24 24 24

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