Information for Volunteers and Youth Groups

richieInformation for Volunteers and Youth Groups

The Youth Development Team at North Yorkshire Youth (NYY) is funded by NYCC through the Enhanced Youth Provision contract.

There are two main aspects to the team’s work:

  • Support and advice for volunteer-led community youth clubs and projects
  • Recruitment and support for adult volunteers befriending 16-19yr olds in North Yorkshire as part of the Buddy Network

The Youth Development Team consists of a Youth Development Manager and a team of Youth Development Workers covering the whole county.

Voluntary Youth Project Support

The Youth Development Team offers support and advice to volunteers working in youth clubs and projects across North Yorkshire.  Specifically, the team provides:

  • Assistance to volunteers developing a sustainable youth club in their community
  • Help to youth groups in recruiting volunteers
  • Support to groups in developing their activities and provision
  • Help to new and existing groups looking to develop
  • Support to young people, leaders and volunteers to access funding and resources
  • Access to relevant information on policies and procedures
  • Training for club / project leaders and volunteers
  • Provides volunteers with youth work resources and youth club activities

The North Yorkshire Buddy Network

The Buddy Network is a befriending project for young people aged 16-19 yrs who are moving on from working with a Youth Support Practitioner. The Youth Development Team at NYY will:

  • Safely recruit volunteers who will befriend young people and become their  ‘buddy’
  • Provide appropriate induction training to ensure that a buddy is ready to embark on the befriending journey
  • Appropriately match a buddy to a young person
  • Support a buddy throughout their befriending role
  • Provide ongoing training for buddies

If you would like to know more about the projects mentioned above, or if you would like to volunteer in a youth club or become a Buddy, please contact a member of the Youth Development Team:

  • Clare Yates – Youth Development Manager

Tel: 07918 761 106 email:

  • Richie Bastow – Youth Development Worker (Hambleton and Richmondshire)      Tel: 07584 263 978  email:
  • Ian Waines – Youth Development Worker (Ryedale and Scarborough)

Tel: 07825 566 658 email:

  • Lenny (R) Lennon – Youth Development Worker (Harrogate Rural and Craven)

Tel: 07500 787 621 email:

  • Lewis Gentle – Youth Development Worker (Selby)

Tel: 07825 659 425 email:

  • Vicki Lever – Youth Development Worker (Harrogate Urban)

Tel: 07881 797 716 email:

  • Lilly Allenby – Youth Development Worker (Ryedale)

Tel: 07765 212 127 email:



* North Yorkshire Youth      ( 01845 522 145

     Carlton Lodge               

     Carlton Miniott      


     North Yorkshire

     YO7 4NJ       


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