Melsonby Parish Village Show 2018

Melsonby Parish Village Show   2018

If you have never exhibited in the Show before, HAVE A GO THIS YEAR. Just one exhibit will make a difference and ensure that the show continues to be an important event in the village’s calendar.

Even if you decide not to enter an exhibit, please come along and support our Village Show. You are promised a fun afternoon. In addition to perusing your friends’ and neighbors’ prize exhibits, there is the opportunity to obtain lots of lovely fresh veggies and homemade produce for your family’s delectation. Always a highlight of the afternoon, and not to be missed, is an auction of produce under the hammer of the irrepressible Mr Vince ‘Who Will Give Me More?’  Elrington.

Entries open to anyone residing in Melsonby Parish

Pupils attending Melsonby Methodist School and

Melsonby Allotment Holders

Saturday 18 August 2018

Melsonby Methodist School

 Staging of exhibits:                      10 am – 1.00 pm

Doors open. All welcome:                           4.00 pm

Presentation of Trophies:                          5.00 pm

Auction of produce / raffle draw:              to follow

Show Judges

Vegetables and Fruit:   Bernie Atkinson

Flowers:                        Bernie Atkinson

Floral Art:                    Marion Lewis

Preserves and Baking:   Mrs Hird

Artwork and Crafts:     John Ridley

Photography:                 Maurice Weeks

Show Committee Members

Brian Bottle

Judy Bottle

Vince Elrington

Will Smith

Lynda Watts

Charlotte Liversedge-Gell

Entry Fees

Adults: ( 16 years and over):    15p per entry

Juniors: (under 16 years)    ;    no fee


1st place  50p   2nd place  30p   3rd place 20p

 Cups and Trophies awarded for most points

  • H Lamb Challenge Cup              Class A Vegetables and Fruit
  • Runner-up Trophy                     Class A Vegetables and Fruit
  • Leek Club Trophy Classes A3 and A4 Pot and Trench Leeks
  • Rose Bowl Class B Flowers
  • Runner-up Shield Class B Flowers
  • Jan Archer Trophy Class C Floral Art
  • Kim Nixon Trophy Class D Preserves and Baking (Adults)
  • Runner-up Shield Class D Preserves and Baking (Adults)
  • West Trophy             Class D+  Junior’s Baking
  • Beehive Trophy Class E Artwork and Crafts (Adults)
  • Geoff Garrett Trophy             Class E+  Junior’s Artwork and Crafts
  • Stokoe Trophy             Class F  Photography
  • Stokoe Trophy             Class F+, Junior’s Photography
  • Wendy Vart Memorial Shield Best Newcomer in Show

Cups and Trophies awarded for best exhibit in Classes

  • Larry Thompson Trophy Best Exhibit in Class A
  • Golding Cup Best Exhibit in Class B
  • Jill Neil Trophy Best Exhibit in Class A31

 Vegetables and Fruit

A1)      5 Potatoes, round

A2)      5 Potatoes, kidney

A3)     2 Leek, pot. Not more than 6” to the button.

A4)     2 Leeks, trench. To be 9” or over to the button.

A5)    3 Onions from set. Dressed.

A6)      3 Onions from seed. Dressed.

A7)      6 Shallots, red

A8)       6 Shallots, other than red

A9)      2 Parsnips

A10)   2 Carrots, long

A11)   2 Carrots, stump rooted

A12)    2 Beetroot, globe

A13)   6 Pod Peas

A14)    6 Broad Beans

A15)    6 French Beans

A16)    6 Runner Beans

A17)    1 Cauliflower

A18)    1 Cabbage, pointed.  Dressed.

A19)    1 Cabbage, round. Dressed.

A20)    2 Turnips. Yellow or white

A21)    2 Swedes

A22)   2 Celery, any variety

A23)   2 Lettuce, Any variety

A24)    5 Tomatoes

A25)    1 Cucumber

A26)    1 Marrow, table marrow Max 12 inches

A27)    Collection of vegetables, 2 each of 4 distinct varieties from classes

A1 – A26 above

A28)   Collection of salad vegetables / salading, no less than 4 distinct


A29)    1 Vegetable and 1 Flower. Varieties – exhibitor’s choice.

A30)    Fruit. A plate of 1 variety OR a collection of mixed varieties.

A31)    Collection of organically grown produce   (see Show Rules for definition of organic produce)

A32)   Ugly vegetable

Class B

     Flowers *


B1)   3 Dahlias, any variety

B2)    3 Chrysanthemum, any variety

B3)    3 Gladioli

B4)   Asters, any number

B5)   Sweet Peas.  Any number of spikes.

B6)    Roses.  Any variety.  Any container.

B7)   Pot grown Geranium, Pelargonium or Begonia

B8)    Collection of Mixed Flowers, no less than 4 varieties. Any                                         container.


*   All flowers must be grown in Melsonby

                      Adult Classes C

Floral Art **

C1)    Floral Arrangement. Design – Table decoration for Royal Wedding

C2)    Five Flowers (plus any foliage)

C3)    Arrangement in an egg cup 3”inch diameter          ( size excludes egg cup)

C4)    Bowl of floating flowers . (A world flag )

C5)     Buttonhole for a groom

**   Shop bought flowers are permitted

Adult Class D

Preserves and Baking

D1)   Chutney/Pickles, 1 jar labelled with type

D2)    Jam/Marmalade/Curd, 1 jar labelled with type

D3)    Sweet Pastry Tart.  Eg: Fruit filled; Bakewell; Treacle

D4)    Savoury Quiche

D5)    4 Biscuits or Cookies

D6)   4 Fruit Scones

D7)    4 Cheese Scones

D8)     1 Loaf Cake, any sort.  Eg:  Dried Fruit; Lemon Drizzle; Banana

D9)    4 Vanilla Cupcakes, decorated

D10)  Traditional Victoria Sponge, max 20cm, split and filled with jam  D11)    Homemade wine/spirit

Junior Class D+


Age 8 and under

D+12)   1 Gingerbread man, decorated

D+13)    4 Jam/Lemon curd tarts

D+14)    2 Cup Cakes, decorated

D+15)   Flapjacks 4 pieces

Ages 9 – 15

D+16)   1 Gingerbread man, decorated

D+17)   4 Jam/Lemon curd tarts

D+18)   2 Cup Cakes, decorated

D+19)    Flapjacks 4 pieces

Adult Class E

Artwork and Crafts 

E1)   Painting or drawing. Any medium.

E2)    Greetings Card. Any medium. Theme; Christening

Top 3 to be sent from the show to Katie and William.

E3)    Art or craft item made from a kit. Any medium.

E4)   An item for use or display in the home or garden, Any materials.

(no kits please).

E5)    Computer designed art work Max A4                   

Junior Class E+

              Artwork and Crafts

Age 8 and under

E+11)   Painting or collage of Alice Wonderland

E+12)    Computer profile of yourself

E+13)    Puppet ie. Hand, finger, stick etc

E+14)   Greetings Card. Christening

Top 3 to be sent from the show to Katie and William

E+15)   Write or copy a poem in your own hand writing with illustrations

Ages 9 – 15

E+17)   Painting or college of Alice Wonderland

E+18)   Computer profile of yourself

E+19)   Puppet ie Hand, stick or finger etc

E+20)    Greetings Card. Christening

Top 3 to be sent from the show to Katie and William

E+21) Write or copy a poem in your own handwriting with    illustrations

Adult Class F


All photo’s max size A4 (Not digitally enhanced)

F1)   A place of worship past and present

F2)   Tour de Yorkshire

F3)   Wild life

F4)   Winter

F5)     Black and White

                 Junior Class F+


Age 8 and under

F+11)   Holiday

F+12)    My favourite photo from 2017/2018

Ages 9 – 15

F+13)   Holiday

F+14)   My favourite photo from 2017/2018


  1. Entry forms must be returned to Lynda Watts 16 East Road, Melsonby by 9pm Thursday 16th Entries will not be accepted thereafter.
  2. No entries shall be allowed in both the Junior and Senior sections. Adults are classed from age of 16. Anyone younger must enter the Junior classes.
  3. Exhibitors are allowed one entry for each individual class number.
  4. Exhibits for Classes A and Classes B must be grown by the exhibitor within the Parish of Melsonby. The fact of an exhibitor entering The Show gives The Show Committee full power to inspect the exhibitor’s garden/allotment. Disqualification and forfeiture of all fees and prize money will ensue if exhibits are found not to have been grown in the village.
  5. Exhibits may be staged between 10am and 1pm on the day of the show. Judging will commence at 1:30. No exhibit can be removed before presentation of trophies.
  6. Each exhibit must bear a number obtained from a member of The Show Committee on arrival of the exhibiting hall. Exhibitors will be responsible for the placing of their cards and the correctness of the detail thereon.
  7. Each exhibitor is asked to provide the necessary plate/ vase/container for exhibits. (Please mark these for safe return). The Show Committee will take all reasonable care of exhibits but will not be responsible for loss or damage.
  8. For the purpose of this show the rules regarding organic mean that the soil and plants are not treated with synthetic commercial fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides during the current growing season.
  9. The Judges’ decisions are final.
  10. Protests: Any protest must be delivered in writing to The Show Committee within 1 hour of The Show being open to the public and must be accompanied by a deposit of £1 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.
  11. Any matter connected with The Show or not covered by the rules will be dealt with at the discretion of The Show Committee
  12. It is hoped that the exhibitors will allow their exhibits to be sold at auction for the benefit of The Allotment Association and future Shows
  13. Prize money will be paid in the days following The Show.
Class Number Description of Exhibit Fee
Total carried over  



Return to Lynda Watts, 16 East Road, Melsonby (Tel 718595) NO LATER THAN 9pm THURSDAY 16 AUGUST 2018