Melsonby Parish Village Show 2014 results



Melsonby Parish Village Show was held at Melsonby Methodist Primary School on Saturday 23 August 2014. There was an excellent turnout for the show in all groups, especially the colourful flowers.  After the show the produce was auctioned.  Robbie Slater grew the largest sunflower head for this new competition. Helen Atherton was awarded the Wendy Vart Trophy for the newcomer to the show with most points.


TROPHY                                                 NAME

Rose Bowl, Class B, Flowers Jayne Grebby
Kim Nixon Trophy, Class D, Preserves & Baking D Elrington
H Lamb Challenge Cup, Class A, Fruit & Vegetables Sue Lee Stokoe
Beehive Trophy, Class D, Handicrafts Helen Atherton
Geoff Garrett Trophy,  Children’s Crafts Charlie Vart
West Trophy, Class E, Children’s Baking Martyn Pratt
Jan Archer Trophy, Best in Class C Jayne Grebby
Larry Thompson Trophy, Best Exhibit in Show Tom Phillips 
Golding Cup, Best Exhibit in Class B Jayne Grebby
Wendy Vart Memorial Shield, Best Newcomer in Show Helen Atherton
Most points runner-up, Class A, Fruit & Vegetables Jayne Grebby
Runner-up, Class B, Flowers Linda Hall /Vince Elrington
Runner-up, Class C, Baking & Preserves Sue
Stokoe Trophy – Adult’s Photography Trevor Lane
Stokoe Trophy – Children’s Photography Robbie Vart

 Tidy Garden Results

District Councillor Jimmy Wilson Petch and Parish Clerk Jill Welham judged the village gardens. The standard was very high and they decided to select new winners from previous years. The results were:

1st – Sycamore House, Church Row
2nd – 21 Moor Road
3rd – 43 West Road
Highly Commended were:
24 St James Close
White House, West Road
34 High Row

Melsonby show. 2014 231aMelsonby show. 2014 221aMelsonby show. 2014 206a Melsonby show. 2014 150a Melsonby show. 2014 151a Melsonby show. 2014 152a Melsonby show. 2014 154a

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