North Richmondshire Photographic Competition

There is a wealth of photographic talent in North Richmondshire, as evidenced by entries into village shows and galas. These are usually only open to specific villages and only seen by those who go to the show. However, this talent can soon have a wider audience! There is to be a PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION, open to any resident or student from North Richmondshire. There are four classes and three age groups: under 11 / 12-16 / over 17 with points awarded towards trophies that are being provided by Harelands Courtyard Offices and Mainsgill Farm Shop.

Results of North Richmondshire Photographic  Competition 2011

CLASS 1 Beautiful N Richmondshire

  1. Brian Harding (Stapleton)
  2. Richard Vart (Melsonby)

CLASS 2 Favourite animal

  1. Heather Harland (Melsonby)
  2. Trevor Lane (Melsonby)

Under 11 Eleanor Harland (Melsonby)

CLASS 3 Little and Large

  1. Rachel Vart (Melsonby)
  2. Trevor Lane (Melsonby)

Under 11 Bea Royle (Melsonby)

CLASS 4 Weather

  1. Trevor Lane (Melsonby)
  2. Sue Young (Gilling West)

Best in Show

Trevor Lane (Melsonby)

Organiser’s favourite

Paul Gallagher (Melsonby)

The first North Richmondshire Photographic, open to residents and students in the North Richmondshire area, had a good response with 54 entries from 17 people.  The photos were of a very high standard which made it a difficult task for the judge District Councillor Jill McMullon to award the trophies donated by Mainsgill Farm and Harelands Courtyard Offices.  The funding for the display boards used to stage the competition came from the North Richmondshire Community Partnership (NRCP) project awards for 2010. The exhibition for the competition was held at the John Ross Suite, Gilling West, but was easily dismounted and re-staged for the presentation at the NRCP Board meeting in Middleton Tyas, where some of the adults were presented with their trophies.  The two children, Eleanor Harland and Bea Royle, were presented with their trophies at Melsonby Methodist Primary School. The boards are available for hire from the John Ross Suite, Gilling West, where they will be stored. Ring 0845 6448 602 or email for booking.  The competitors enjoyed the experience of showing their work and are looking forward to next year’s competition, when hopefully they will be joined by even more competitors!

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ring 0845 6448 602  for display board loans  display board loan application

or  email: for more information

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