The Stepping Up Programme

The programme is being ran by North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Sport and referrals can be made direct to the scheme. Please share as you feel appropriate.

Stepping up is an early intervention and prevention programme for young people beginning to show signs of engaging in risky behaviour. This may be appearing at School, Home or within the local community. Stepping Up draws on a young persons strengths and interests. There are two strands to Stepping up and a young person can engage in both or just one dependent on need. The first is that a young person will receive mentoring from one of our mentors. Our mentors will work with a young person to raise aspiration, motivation, confidence and look to develop an action plan to support the development of that young persons skills. Initially a young person will have 4 sessions booked in and then from there will determine the next steps. The second element is positive community diversionary activity. By building on the young persons strengths and interest we will support them into local provision within the area they live.

To find out more, visit our website; or get in touch with us;

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