The Blue Book

Its an information booklet which provides a summary of activities and support for older people and people living with dementia. It’s called The Blue Book and is free to anyone

As a bit of background, The Blue Book is a family project – a voluntary initiative which came about through personal experience. It is updated each year and circulated as digital and hard copies. To date, we’ve distributed over 30,000 copies! More information is below my signature or on our website.

Digital copy – the digital copy can be downloaded via our website (here) under the ‘Get your copy’ section or directly via this link.  If possible, it would be great if you could share this link on your website.

Dementia Friendly Richmondshire and Dementia Forward will be ordering multiple copies that can be collected from Mercury House or Garget Walker House in Richmond.  The copies and postage is free if you would like to order some specifically for your local communities, village halls, community centres, post offices etc.

Hard copies – if you would like hard copies to distribute to your clients, or to display in your organisation for people to pick up, they can be ordered via the short form hereHard copies of The Blue Book and delivery are both free of charge.

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