Melsonby First Responders

Melsonby First Responders are a group of volunteers who live within 5 miles of Melsonby.  They have been provided with kit and trained by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide early support to people in this area who need help with breathing, heart, diabetic or epileptic problems before the ambulance arrives.  They have oxygen and a defibillator in the kit.

Members of the team volunteer to be on standby about four or five nights or weekend days a month.  They have had initial training and have regular update sessions.

As people move on, there is always a need for new members to this very valuable service and new members of any age over 17+ are always needed and welcomed.  We have had gap year students who have then gone on to a medical career; training can begin at 17+ but volunteers need to be 18 before they can become a full team member.

Melsonby needs new Responders

For more information contact the Co-ordinator at or 01325 718297

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