Register my appliance

 fire service

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (NYFRS) supports ‘Register my appliance’ for a safer home           Only 36% of consumers register all of their large domestic appliances –leaving thousands off the radar if a recall is required.

Research shows just over a third of British purchasers register all of their appliances with the manufacturer, leaving many thousands of owners virtually untraceable if a safety repair is required.

To combat this, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has launched a new web portal ( designed to make it quicker and easier for the public to register all of their appliances by providing access to the registration pages of 47 leading brands.

As part of the Fire Kills campaign, NYFRS is encouraging people to use ‘Register my appliance’, to provide up-to-date, accurate, contact information so manufacturers can issue safety updates or repair notifications to the right homes. Over time consumers will also be encouraged and provided with the means to amend their details if they move house, sell or give an appliance away.

Peter Hudson, Group Manager with NYFRS stated “Everybody should take this opportunity to register their domestic appliances to reduce the risk of home fires and for their own peace of mind. Good ownership data is key to getting safety information to the people that need it and I encourage everyone to invest a little time to register their appliances.”

AMDEA members have pledged this is purely a safety initiative and the information captured will only be used if required for safety notices. They are also committed to helping consumers understand why registering is a sensible safety measure.

Douglas Herbison Chief Executive, AMDEA says, “Domestic appliances have never been safer and over 100 million large appliances are in use in our homes, many running for ten or many more years. The incidence of safety actions is very low (between 6 -10 recalls a year) but, unlike cars, if manufacturers need to make a free safety adjustment they have no way of tracing the majority of affected models. ‘Register my appliance’ aims to help our industry to act swiftly, to contact owners, if a fault is discovered in a particular batch of products.”

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