Melsonby Oil Co-operative

 Are you interested in saving money on heating  oil?

By pooling our requirements, we should be able to negotiate a lower price.

There are many similar co-operatives operating very successfully in Yorkshire and nationally. It is difficult to identify an accurate saving; the consensus view is that members save 10-12% which works out at around 3-5 pence per litre.

Who can join?

Initially, residents of Melsonby Village. It may be possible to extend to neighbouring villages later.

How does  it work?

The Co-operative coordinator  puts a notice on the village noticeboard and phones / emails existing  members to let them know when the next order will be. Members let the co-ordinator  know how much oil they want –   either a fixed  number of litres  (minimum 500) or “fill-up  the tank” (we need an estimate  of the  likely quantity  so we have an idea of the total  volume when negotiating  with the suppliers).

The syndicate coordinator  phones round various companies for prices based on the total volume, and places orders on behalf of members.

The oil is delivered  on an agreed day or days, and the supplier leaves or sends each member a bill for  their own oil. The bill is payable direct  to the supplier by cheque or credit  card within the supplier’s terms and conditions period.


There is an order every couple of months, so the chances of running short  are limited.

The  first order was placed  in July 2013 and was delivered later that week.

Subsequent orders will be placed on 23 September 2013, 25 November 2013, 3 February 2014,  7 April 2014, 7 July 2014. Further dates will be announced in the April of each year.

Interested,  or want more information?

Give me a call (718059) or e-mail me at

Stuart Priestley

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