Christmas Event: Due to the current climate and restrictions this year the Christmas event has been cancelled. Foremost and first most the parish council want to ensure the safety of everyone at this time.

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Crime Bulletin – November 2020

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Road Closure Notice – Church Row Melsonby

PLANNED ROAD CLOSURE NOTIFICATION – 27772 – Church Row, Melsonby The Closure will be in place for a period of 3 days between 9th December 2020 and 11th December 2020 to allow Yorkshire Water to install a new water supply connection. The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link

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Melsonby Tidy Gardens Competition 2020 Results

The Melsonby Tidy garden competition 2020 was judged on Monday 10 August 2020 by District Councillor James Wilson Petch and Revd Camilla Campling-Denton (accompanied by Vince Elrington).
The Winners were; prize money of £25 for 1st place, £15 for 2nd and £10 for 3rd place.
1st – 18 East Road, Mr and Mrs Willis.
2nd- 24 St James Close, David and Mrs A Brown.
3rd- 36 High Row, Mr and Mrs Rogers.
There were 4 Highly Recommended Gardens each awarded £5.00 the money donated by District Councillor James Wilson Petch.
In no particular order;
14 St James Close-Mrs R Smith.
17 Moor Road- Mr and Mrs Palferman.
3 Church Row- Mr and Mrs Simpson.
Central Villa-Mr and Mrs Nixon.
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Citizens Advice Service Update Bulletin

The latest service update bulletin in the link below is to keep you up to date with their news, activities and contact information. Please do get in touch if there is anything more Citizen Advice can do to support our communities.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:

CA Mid-North Yorkshire COVID-19 service update Aug 2020-2

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in conjunction with North Yorkshire County Council



–it’s not just for the kids!



Installation of a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)


You will know that we monitor the speeds of vehicles using our village roads. This is drawn to motorists’ attention with the recently installed “This is a Speedwatch Village” signs on all four approaches.

We now plan to go further and install a VAS, on the east side of Moor Road (opposite number 60), which can check speeds of vehicles arriving into and leaving the village and can be moved to other locations where practical. There is a similar installation near the bridge in Gilling West.

It will take some weeks for the Melsonby installation to take place but we thought we’d let you know what we are doing now to protect you and your family.


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June Crime Report

June Crime Report

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Warning from North Yorkshire Police ‘Courier Fraud Scam’

Warning as North Yorkshire residents falling victim to ‘Courier Fraud’ scam

North Yorkshire police are warning residents to be extra vigilant after a number of reports have been received in the past week where the victim has been called on the telephone by someone claiming to be an officer from the Metropolitan Police in London. The victim is informed that someone has attempted to use their card to purchase a laptop or similar and as a result their bank account is under threat. The victim is instructed to attend their bank and withdraw all their money in order for a police officer to attend their home address (the courier) who will take their money for ‘safe keeping’.

The victim may be further convinced the call is genuine as the fraudsters will tell the victim to call 999 to check they are genuine but do not clear the line so the victim who thinks they have dialled 999 and speaking to the police when in reality they are in fact still speaking to the fraudsters.

The victim is told to attend the bank and withdraw their money. The victim is told they may be challenged at the bank as to why they are withdrawing their money and they are told what to say, for example paying for building work, buying a car etc. The fraudster will claim the bank are involved and there is an undercover police operation in the bank and to say anything will compromise the police operation. The victim is made to think that their cooperation is needed for this police operation. Often the victim will be called by the fraudster prior to attending the bank and be told to keep their phone on whilst they are in the bank. The victim withdraws their money, often tens of thousands of pound which they take home. The fraudster posing as a police officer will attend the home and take the money often using a password agreed between the fraudster and the victim.

Detective Inspector Jon Hodgeon Head of North Yorkshire Police Economic Crime Unit explained:

“This is a sophisticated fraud perpetrated by experienced criminals who convince the victim their bank account is under threat and they need to act quickly to safeguard their money and to assist a police operation to catch criminals.

A police officer will never get in touch and advise you to withdraw, transfer or pay money and neither will a bank or building society. If you receive a call out of the blue by someone claiming to be from the police asking you to withdraw or transfer your money, this is a scam and you must terminate the call immediately”

If the person you are talking to ever asks you to lie to the bank or the police, it is a scam

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, report it to the police by calling 101 and we will be able to support you as well as protecting others from falling victim to the same fraudsters.

Courier Fraud Scam

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PLANNED ROAD CLOSURE NOTIFICATION – 26171 – Church Row, Melsonby                      

The Closure will be in place for a period of 14 days between 17th August 2020 and 30th August 2020 for the installation & connection of a new foul drain from St James Church to the existing sewer.

The Road Closure and any associated Diversion Routes can be viewed using this URL link 

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William Cockin Trust offers grants to Melsonby

It is coming up to the time when Cockin Trust invites applications for grants. For anyone not familiar with it, the Cockin Trust awards small amounts of money to youngsters under the age of 25 who (or whose parents) live in Melsonby.

For further information please see the attached poster.

William Cockin Trust Poster

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