Sports Committee 100 Club Draw

With the closure of the shop meaning the end of the bonus ball draw, a vital source of income for the Sports day committee was lost. As you can imagine along with a lot of work and time given by the sports day committee hard cash is also needed to put the event on each year.  After speaking with various people in the Village it was decided to replace the bonus ball draw with a 100 Club Draw which would be drawn in the pub and the first Friday of the Month. Monthly cost £1 per number and the Monthly prizes are – 1st = £30, 2nd = £20, 3rd = £10. Unfortunately a year on, 25 people have dropped out and once again our finances are dwindling.

If you would like a number, please contact Sue Fenwick, or any of the committee members. We ask for you to pay a year up front (£12) and your number will be added to the next 12 draws and you’ll be in with a chance of winning. The chances are much better than winning the lottery!

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