Council for British Archaeology – Yorkshire

As a National organisation, CBA aims to encourage a better understanding of the heritage of our nation.

As you maybe aware, Yorkshire is a very historical county, with a wealth of archaeological areas from the prehistoric to 20th century.  As part of CBA National, CBA Yorkshire offers a wide range of assistance in researching the traditional county of York.  CBA do this especially through small groups such as Parish Councils and community projects.  CBA would like to reach out to your residents to encourage them to take a look at us and perhaps consider how we can help to build up a more detailed picture of the area you live in – which can only enrich the experience of living in your parish.

A leaflet is below with information about the organisation. CBA would encourage you to look around your area and see if there are potential historical remains that would benefit from some investigation – to the benefit of the whole community.  

In general, CBA aim to bring together individuals who are interested in their parish and county’s heritage and those specialists and professionals who can assist groups in the best way forward to deal with historical material.  CBA have affiliated Society’s from around the county and we aim to support them with advice and in some cases financial support in the organisation of archaeological projects.  CBA also encourage the publication of research and publicity about such work through our Journal Forum and through monthly talks and day schools/conferences.

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