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 fire service

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (NYFRS) supports ‘Register my appliance’ for a safer home           Only 36% of consumers register all of their large domestic appliances –leaving thousands off the radar if a recall is required.

Research shows just over a third of British purchasers register all of their appliances with the manufacturer, leaving many thousands of owners virtually untraceable if a safety repair is required.

To combat this, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has launched a new web portal ( designed to make it quicker and easier for the public to register all of their appliances by providing access to the registration pages of 47 leading brands.

As part of the Fire Kills campaign, NYFRS is encouraging people to use ‘Register my appliance’, to provide up-to-date, accurate, contact information so manufacturers can issue safety updates or repair notifications to the right homes. Over time consumers will also be encouraged and provided with the means to amend their details if they move house, sell or give an appliance away.

Peter Hudson, Group Manager with NYFRS stated “Everybody should take this opportunity to register their domestic appliances to reduce the risk of home fires and for their own peace of mind. Good ownership data is key to getting safety information to the people that need it and I encourage everyone to invest a little time to register their appliances.”

AMDEA members have pledged this is purely a safety initiative and the information captured will only be used if required for safety notices. They are also committed to helping consumers understand why registering is a sensible safety measure.

Douglas Herbison Chief Executive, AMDEA says, “Domestic appliances have never been safer and over 100 million large appliances are in use in our homes, many running for ten or many more years. The incidence of safety actions is very low (between 6 -10 recalls a year) but, unlike cars, if manufacturers need to make a free safety adjustment they have no way of tracing the majority of affected models. ‘Register my appliance’ aims to help our industry to act swiftly, to contact owners, if a fault is discovered in a particular batch of products.”

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Richmondshire Over 50’s Forum

Circulated on behalf of Richmondshire Community and Voluntary Action, all Richmondshire District Councillors, Parish Council representatives and Richmondshire Area Partnership Members are invited to attend an initial Planning and Moving Forward Meeting to form the Richmondshire Over Fifties Forum taking place on Friday 30th January 10:30am, Townsend Suite, The Station in Richmond.

This is a first meeting to bring together people interested in being involved or participating in an Over 50’s Forum for the district and the attached leaflet outlines the kind of involvement that could be available to members.

It is anticipated that members will choose to take part in selected social activities, interaction or events that allow for a stronger Over 50’s collective voice as well as the benefits of bringing like-minded individuals together enjoying later life, although this will be decided by the Forum’s members.

Please do pass on information about this event, come yourself and bring your friends along and join us in starting this exciting new development for Richmondshire, along with your ideas and suggestions.

In order to ensure that sufficient refreshments are available for everyone, it would be appreciated if you could advise of your attendance by telephoning: 01748 822335 and speaking to John Atkins.

age forum2age forum1

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Parish Council Agenda for 14/1/15

To be held on Wednesday 14th January 2015 at 7.30pm
Melsonby Primary School
To Councillors: Angus Stokoe (Chairman), Vince Elrington (Vice Chairman); Bill Nixon;
Julie Hawksby, Terry Sutton. You are summoned to attend the above meeting.
From: Jill Welham (Clerk)
1. Apologies
Cllr Wilson-Petch
2. Declarations of Interest
Councillors are invited to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests in matters
appearing on the agenda, and the nature of their interest.
3. Co-option of New Councillor
To consider applications for the vacancy and vote on co-opting a new Councillor.
4. Police update
Update from PC Wilbor.
5. Minutes of Last Meeting
Chairman to approve and sign minutes of the last meeting held on 19th November 2014.
6. Progress Reports
a. Play Parks – (i) Update from Lisa Pratt and the Clerk about current funding bid and
progress to date. (ii) To decide which picnic tables to purchase for Moor Road Play Park
with £500 grant offered by Richmondshire Area Partnership Funding Scheme.
b. Telephone box – Update on Northern Echo sponsorship
c. Footpath repairs – Update on ongoing issue with repairs to St James Close.
d. Village grass cutting – Update on grass cutting costs and areas to be cut in future.
e. Speed calming measures – No further information on speed matrix signs. Update on
road markings from Clerk.
f. Christmas tree/lights – To discuss provision of lights on new Christmas tree in time for
next Christmas.
g. Dog fouling – To vote on purchasing dog fouling posters from Keep Britain Tidy
campaign. To discuss provision of additional dog fouling bins.
h. Emergency planning document – Update from Cllr Stokoe.
i. Primary Engineer – Update.
j. NRCP meeting updates – Cllr Hawksby to provide dates for next meeting.
k. Additional Drain request on High Row – Update from Clerk.
l. Shop – Update from Clerk regarding future of shop.
m. Proposed development west of Moor Road – Update from Clerk.
n. Replacement of electricity pole St James Close garages – Update from Clerk.
7. Footpath Diversion
To discuss request for diversion of the footpath through new burial ground behind the
8. Repairs to fence at new burial ground
To decide on repairs required to rotting fence posts and rails on ramp into new burial
ground behind Church.
9. Street lighting
a. To discuss request for an additional street light to be provided on West Road near the
b. Street light cleaning and report of overgrown shrubbery around street light on East
Road at Northern Powergrid substation.
10. Width restriction High Row
To discuss a request to investigate the viability of putting a width restriction on vehicles
entering High Row after cars were damaged by a delivery vehicle.
11. Tree Survey of Village Green
To agree to go ahead with new tree survey of village green trees.
12. Parish Burial Ground Rules
To ratify rules for Burial Ground and procedure for erecting a memorial to be advertised on
website – details circulated to councillors 27/11/14.
13. Clerk’s Wages
To vote on increase to Clerk’s wages based on National recommendation for Clerk’s
minimum wage.
14. Planning Applications
New application received for extension at 80 Moor Road.
Planning permission granted for wind turbine at High Grange
Planning permission refused for wind turbine at Bracken House.
15. Finance
a. Clerk to provide budget report see Appendix – emailed to Councillors prior to meeting.
b. Precept – to vote on proposed increase to precept for 2015/16 information emailed to
Councillors prior to meeting.
16. Correspondence
Correspondence received and dealt with by Clerk since last meeting in September. See
Appendix for details.
17. Items for future Agenda
Opportunity for Councillors to bring up items to be included in next meeting’s Agenda.
Date for final notification of items Friday 20th March 2015.
18. Date of next Meeting
To confirm the date of the next meeting which is scheduled for 1st April 2015.

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Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Everyone is invited to come along and sing Christmas carols around our new Christmas tree on The Green.

Meet at 6.30pm.

Anyone who can play a musical instrument please bring it along and join in the festivities.

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St John’s Community Centre Services








  • Attend a Day Service up to 3 times a week and receive a cooked lunch?
  • Be taken by transport to Morrison’s to do your own shopping with the assistance of a support worker?
  • Have a volunteer visit you in your own home (with a laptop and internet connection) to carry out grocery shopping via the internet?
  • Have a volunteer sit with your loved one for an agreed number of hours per week allowing you time to yourself?

St John’s Community Centre provides all these services and currently has vacancies for each of the activities.

If you would like to find out more about any of these services please get in touch.

Tel: 01748 832271

Shute Road

Catterick Garrison

North Yorkshire



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Deli to your Door winter arrangements

During the winter months Ryan and Alison will deliver right to your door!

Ring 01325 718901 to let them know you would like them to call.

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Melsonby Parish Village Show 2015

Details of the 2015 Show here

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